Mir F3.5 20mm lens PL Arri Arriflex Red One

Mir F3.5 20mm lens PL Arri Arriflex Red One


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New made in 2014
20  mm F3.5  lens

Shipping within 12 hours
The mount made from Aluminum

Thi is interchangeable superwide-angle fast lens with a MC coating. 


It was manufactured by the KMZ i The filter was  installed  in the rear part (the lens came with a set of three filters:  UF-1x (ultraviolet), Zh-2x (yellow), O-2.8x (orange)).


The optical scheme of the Mir-20 20 mm  f/ 3.5 was based on the Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 20 mm f/2.8(GDR). However, there were some changes made in the scheme.


The Mir-20  20mm  f/3.5 has virtually no geometrical distortion.

Color  rendering is bright and saturated.


The characteristics of the Mir-20  20 mm  f/ 3.5

  • Diagonal angle of view: 96°
  • Resolution: (0/10/20 mm) 1): 50/35/30 lpmm
  • Resolution according to the technical specifications (center/edge):  50/20 lpmm
  • Coefficient of transparency: MC Mir-20М - 0.90


The Mir-20 lens is perfectly fit for shooting landscapes, interiors, architecture, as well as for  genre and reportage photography. It is easily mounted on modern DSRL cameras. When set at hyperfocal range, you can shoot very quickly without autofocus.




Wide Mir 3.5/20mm Arri mount Lens is a compact short-focus, super wide-angle lens that provides a circular field of view of 180 degrees and a circular image on full-frame cameras. It is ideal for architecture, landscape, and group pictures. The lens features a high quality image and transmission of the object small details. The lens small dimensions, weight and bayonet mount on the camera body makes it convinient to take professional and amateur photographs.


- Mir 20 mm  ARRI PL Mount )
- Front lens cap
- Nylon Lens case


Focus length....... 20mm 
Angular field of view.....96 deg 
Focusing...from 0.18m to infinity


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