Zenitar Fisheye F2.8 16mm lens for Sony Nex5 Nex3

Zenitar Fisheye F2.8 16mm lens for Sony Nex5 Nex3

Zenitar Fisheye 2,8/16 Lens for Sony NEX-3 NEX-5

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The lens has Sony Nex mount

No adapter needed!
. FISH-EYE ZENITAR M 2.8/16 LENS is suitable for making pictures with both black-and-white, and on a colour films. The lens allows to make original pictures with angular field of view up to 180 degrees. 
A high image quality, big luminosity, the ability to transfer small object's details allow to make amateur or special pictures of various types such as reproduction, macro and micro modes photography. Clarifying multi-layer coated lens increases transmission and reduces light scattering that provides especially profitable contrast and sharpness of the image, substantially eliminates halation and glares even while photographing in the back-light mode with the big difference of brightness of the object and background. 

Focal lenght, mm: 16
Lens fitting:   no problem
Relative aperture, mm: F/2.8-22
Angle of view,o: 180
Minimum distance when photographing, m: 0,3
Weight, kg: 0,31

Included in the kit
-FISHEYE ZENITAR M 2.8/16 LENS for Sony NEX (the lens is new ),
- lens  cap,

-nylon carrying case,
-3 Light filters,

Any questions??
Please e-mail me
here some tips:
 1) Will this manual lens work on my digital camera?  Yes, this lens will work on every digital and film camera Pentax
 2) Has this lens an auto focus?  This is manual   focus lens  and the diaphragm is exposed in the manual mode. This lens possesses the big depth of sharpness that allows to take many photos on infinity. F stop is manual
 3) Do you have photos made with this lens?  Examples of photos made with this lens could be finde at www.photo.net
 4) Shipping to China??
 We ship anywere in the world
  5) What modes are possible on this lens?  You can photograph  M (a manual mode).


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