Kiev 88 CM TTL/SPOT MLU medium camera full set in box,NEW CLA,adjusted by Hartblei

Kiev 88 CM TTL/SPOT MLU  medium camera full set in box,NEW  CLA,adjusted by Hartblei

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Kiev 88 CM TTL/SPOT medium camera full set in box,NEW + CLA,adjusted by Hartblei with MLU

Kiev 88CM Medium Format camera is a classic Soviet medium format camera. The Arsenal film camera is constructed from die-cast aluminum alloy, making it rugged and resistant to scratches, scuff marks, etc. Sporting a unique bayonet lens mount, the Kiev 88CM also has a hot shoe with synchronous center contact for flash mounting. The Interlock feature of the Arsenal film camera ensures that the shutter does not trigger prematurely, for obtaining perfect pictures. The medium format camera's ten programmable shutter speeds, ranging from 1/2 to 1/1000 second, give you control over the precise exposure. For ease of operation, the Kiev 88CM features a waist-level finder with anti-reflection, a pop-up hood and a 2X fine-focus magnifier.

Upgraded by same technitians who works for Hartblei

Die-cast aluminum alloy camera body 
• Tough, scratch and scuff resistant black vinyl covering 
• Polished chrome trim to protect exposed metal surfaces 
• Exclusive bayonet lens mount 
• 1/8-inch threaded socket for tripod 
• Hot shoe with synchronous center contact for accessories.

Waist-level finder with anti-reflection, pop-up hood and 2X fine-focus magnifier 
• Laterally-reversed, 53x53 mm upright ground glass display 
• High-intensity Fresnel lens to illuminate matte viewing screen 
• Extra-bright 14 mm center spot with horizontal split-image rangefinder and surrounding microprism ring 
• Etched hairline grid markings to facilitate accurate image alignment. 

Interchangeable eye-level pentaprism viewfinders with and without built-in full aperture TTL/SPOT exposure metering 
• Two fast, ultra-sensitive cadmium sulfide cells 
• Center-weighted averaging measurement with LED readout zone metering at frame center 
• Laterally-correct, 53x53 mm upright ground glass display 
• 45° sighting angle 
• 3X eyepiece magnification 
• Recess to accommodate individual correction lenses.

Precision, black cloth focal plane shutter with horizontal traverse for consistent lens-to-lens exposure 
• Ten programmed speeds from 1/2 to 1/1000 second, plus Bulb 
• FP-X electronic flash synchronization with open curtain from 1/2 to 1/30 second
• Standard PC tip socket for flash cord 
• Interlock to prevent triggering shutter before dark slide is withdrawn 
• Flag to signal status of shutler wind. 

Full line of accessories 
• 4X magnifying hood and ground glass adapter 
• Extension rings for macro-photography 
• Special optical glass 
• Padded neck strap 
• and more.


  • Camera body with MLU
  • Arsat 80mm f2.8 lens
  • TTL prism finder with switchable spot metering and center-weighted metering
  • Folding waist level finder
  • Two 6x6 cm 120 type new style film backs
  • Rubber lens shade
  • Front lens cap
  • Rubber eye cup for prism finder
  • Plastic cap for bottom of finder when not on camera
  • Camera strap 


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