Kiev 88 CM as Kiev 88 CM complete Non TTL film backs

Kiev 88 CM as Kiev 88 CM complete  Non TTL  film backs

Kiev 88CM camera set

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Kiev 88CM for sale

 Upgraded by same technitians who workin for hartble Die-cast aluminum alloy camera body • Tough, scratch and scuff resistant black vinyl covering • Polished chrome trim to protect exposed metal surfaces • Exclusive bayonet lens mount • 1/8-inch threaded socket for tripod • Hot shoe with synchronous center contact for accessories. Waist-level finder with anti-reflection, pop-up hood and 2X fine-focus magnifier • Laterally-reversed, 53x53 mm upright ground glass display • High-intensity Fresnel lens to illuminate matte viewing screen • Extra-bright 14 mm center spot with horizontal split-image rangefinder and surrounding microprism ring •Precision, black cloth focal plane shutter with horizontal traverse for consistent lens-to-lens exposure • Ten programmed speeds from 1/2 to 1/1000 second, plus Bulb • FP-X electronic flash synchronization with open curtain from 1/2 to 1/30 second • Standard PC tip socket for flash cord • Interlock to prevent triggering shutter before dark slide is withdrawn • Flag to signal status of shutler wind. Full line of accessories • 4X magnifying hood and ground glass adapter • Extension rings for macro-photography • Special optical glass • Padded neck strap • and more.


Delivery set

Camera body

Folding waist level finder 6x6 cm 120 type new style film back

Arsat 80 mm F2.8 lens

Camera strap




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